Saturday, August 22, 2009

Again, little time.

Just wanted to let you all know that we still exist, and that we are still doing so in Ireland. I just had a really, really lovely week with the Taylor family up north in County Donegal, and I highly recommend to anyone the music festival in Kilcar that they put on every August. It was beautiful to spend time with so many pub sessions, a tatooed harper, various cliffs, waves, surfer children and, most of all, very good friends all sidled up by the turf fire.

Speaking of turf, while in Kilcar I read an editorial in the Irish Examiner and learned that peat bogs are basically carbon sponges, as they retain ten times as much carbon as any other land area (including forests). These fires are so ubiquitous in Ireland that when we were driving home from Donegal the whiff of them would visit me inside our stuffy rental car.

Anyhow, we are quite ready to move on to our next farm, and while there it seems that I will have much more time for blogging. It is only a 45 minutes' drive from where we are currently living, but worlds apart, and Matt and I are looking quite forward to it.

I really wish that I have had more time for the blog, but I have not given up on it! And I do hope to breathe some new life into it in the next few days, once we are resettled and proper.

Take care,