Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday! And, Revelation.

First of all, yes indeed, it is Mr Matthew's birthday today. Hooray!

Secondly, I realized while napping/pondering before lunch something important about farming. I was thinking about how everyone has their own way of doing things, and how I could visit a million different farms and definitely learn, love, and or hate something at every place.

This is fairly overwhelming. Thoughts stormed around my cloudy sleepyhead...I have so much to learn, I must apprentice somewhere, Maybe I should apprentice in two places, or three, or keep WWOOFing, or not grow vegetables or, or, eee....

But then I realized that if someone is a good farmer, they love and tend best they can to the living things that are all around them. Like a parent. And certainly every parent is Exceedingly different from the next, and people have children successfully even if they don't intensively study how to nurture and guide and care.

I do not think that farming is as intrinsically linked and realized inside of us as the potential for parenthood, but I do think that everyone can live harmoniously in their landscapes and forests and gardens by being, observing, thinking, and especially, loving.

Well, I will work at many more places and learn many more things, but I think that this little nugget may be a strong and faithful one. I will leave this entry as a mere wee sketch, for lunch is a-happenning and I am missing the prelim birthday talk. Love you all,



  1. Happy Belate Birthday, Matt!
    Jenny, You make the adventure so alive and real...I love every minute of it!\Gale

  2. Hey Jenny, I am loving your are quite the creative writer. A happy belated birthday to Matt. Coincidentally, we share the same birthday, but I am imagining that I am decades older that you! Enjoy the vitality of glad you are having these once in a life time travel opportunities... Claudia