Tuesday, July 7, 2009

SOS and Hullo!

Hi friends!

Well, here we are, in west Cork County, listening to "world music" in a cafe in Bantry town, hustling through emails and wwoof postings and water and about to hurry back to the farm to do more "bits and bobs" of bee keeping, tidying up, cooking, dog petting, sheep admiring, et al.

Again, unfortunately, I have no time to write, but can list off a few more things. The farm is perfect, with its roof teeming with grasses and flowers and ghosts of guinea pigs, and the dogs are that sort of dog in the Disney movie "The Shaggy Dog," and Tim is the only bee keeper in Ireland to study and survey bee populations and Sandra is a social worker when she is not riding the horses and weeding the onions et al et al.

Ok the major IMPERFECT thing about this farm is that we unfortunately will only be able to stay through this weekend, as there were booking miscommunications and forgettings and assumptions and, well, we might be between a rock and a pretty hard place very soon, so if anyone has a suggestion about a place that might need some pretty able folk such as ourselves, please don't be shy and hollar to us good and loud!

In any case, we are very happy and better at doing all kinds of things than we ever were before, and we are healthy too and all of those other things.

I will write SUBSTANTIALLY as soon as I can - no internet at Tim and Sandra's, and town is a long walk or a less long bike ride from the homestead, so I don't know when next I'll get the chance to connect and scribble but hopefully it will be soon.

Miss you all and thanks for the various kindly messages that have indeed been received. Hopefully we'll be somewhere for long enough to be able to actually receive LETTERS - so lucrative!

Much Love and Rain and Green,

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  1. Hi Jenny! I loved Co. Cork!! I bet I've been in the cafe you're writing from!

    And as to your "rock and a hard place" dilemma -- try getting in touch with Christine Brewer at Mill Little Farm. I can't remember exactly how far from Bantry it is, but it's close, less than 10 miles I think -- Bantry was our email and grocery store town too. It's in Coomhola. Her website is mill-little.com

    It's such a neat place. Christine teaches residential English-language classes to adults -- they spend their mornings doing formal lessons and afternoons getting "in the field" practice, by working in the huge garden or tending to the animals, or on several field trips. Christine only takes in native English-speakers as WWOOFers, and you'd live with her students, to help them practice.