Monday, September 28, 2009


Today is nothing but a grey watercolor wash in the sky, with muted grass and sheep just beginning to stir, and our last day in Ireland.

We are taking a bus from Cork City to Dublin, another from Dublin to London's Victoria Station, and then a last to Amsterdam - !

We will then proceed to visit friends in Breda, Holland before returning to Paris for a few days. And then we WWOOF at our LAST FARM before trekking back to Barcelona, and then flying HOME!

Unfortunately I can't write anymore now. Thanks to all the comments and emails regarding the last post. Love you all!

Jenny and Matt

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  1. Hellooooo Jenny!
    I've tried to faithfully check up on your blog once and a while. Amsterdam! That's really cool. Your pictures/written reflections of Ireland are beautiful. The fact that you were there may or may not have indirectly inspired me to study abroad at an intentional community in Scotland next fall...! I miss you and Matt bunches. Please come to Burlington.