Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Far Off Thoughts that are also Near

Hi everybody, hope you're well. This post is about people other than Matt and I (though an entry of hitch-hiking Easter adventures is coming soon). First of all, my grandmother is in the hospital, and although she is doing alright she is away from home and and any good thoughts going her way might make her heart a little warmer.

Also, I just received this email from WWOOF Italia. It served me by humanizing the effects of the recent earthquake, and thought that it may do the same for you. (Matt and I are going to Italy on Saturday, but the farm that we arranged to work at a few months ago is near Bra, which is in the north of the country and quite far from Abruzzo.)


The following farm needs help urgently after the terrible earthquake that hit Abruzzo at the beginning of the month:*La Canestra, Contrada Aglioni, via San Rocco, 40, Capitignano, 67014, L'Aquila....

Our farm is situated in a small village 30 kms from L'Aquila the area devastated by the earthquake this month. Luckily we are all fine but the farm and buildings, although still standing, are unsafe and damaged and we are having to live in tents until the extent of the damage has been assessed. The earthquake was followed by bad weather and this has also severely impaired being able to work and has caused floods and other problems with planting crops and looking after our livestock.We are having great trouble carrying out the work on the farm and are very behind and badly need help constructing fences and shelters for the animals, in the hope that the weather will improve and the emergency passes soon.Obviously anyone who wants to come will be sharing our primitive (temporary!) lifestyle with us, as said before we are living in tents and have constructed an outside kitchen, we are able to use a bathroom in a safe area in one of the houses. However we will do our very best to accommodate people in the best possible way as part of our little community, preparing and eating good meals together in spite of the difficult conditions.

For more information visit:http://www.lacanestra.it/ & the blog http://lacanestra.blogspot.com/


Love y'all. Keeping you as safe and sound as I can in my thoughts,

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