Saturday, April 4, 2009

Goodbye, hello, inbetween


I just forgot how to spell that.

Last night here. Tomorrow a train from Argeles Sur Mer to Perpignan to Millau, by the beautiful national park of the Cevennes. Don't know much about it other than it is Drop Dead Crazy Gorgeous.

Love everybody. I want to sing out specifically to my friend Ginny who has just left the wilderness and Jessica and Adam in Guatemala. Hoping you all are in good spirits.

I want to make some specialized posts on Catalan gardens and This Farm Here and other things but for now a list of what I leave behind:

Four of possibly the sweetest, leanest, loyalest dogs in the world. A countless array of cats, such as Mrs Cheese and the white shaggy one who looks like he'd be a snob but isn't, who always sits by the fire. The fire. Water in showers that's sunboiled for me. Vegan dinners that are delightful if not as filling as I'm used to. Fresh fruit. So much fresh fruit. The lemon trees orange trees nectarine trees. The baby olives. George, the rooster, whom I believed respected me until today when he spurred me twice. The hens, especially the brown one who is the goofiest.

The way that Freya moves like a deer, and how when I look at her I feel I'm seeing a white deer in a winter forest. The way that Ben is like the clock in London. The way that Obe puts his head in my lap, how I nicknamed him Thumper.
Namua's mother-in-law, knitting and discussing thriller novels.

The feeling of death all around this place, and the light, of a candle everlit, of the half moon, of the sun after three days of rain.

Cat in the lap,

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