Tuesday, March 17, 2009

La casa de Dali

Hola! We are in Cadaques, Spain. It is on the coast. There are sea breezes. This used to be Dali´s home and we are eating yoghurt, sausages with names more interesting than ¨sausage,¨ writing from an internet cafe, loving cafe con leches, etc. Matt is smiling. I am a little dehydrated but drinking water. We will be in France by Friday if all´s well. That is all for now, no time, love you!

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  1. Hi Guys. Great talking to you Matt you sound good. Your car is at grandma's. Great excuse to see her and we enjoyed it. She's fine with car there as we rearranged garage some.As I am enjoying a "high hack holiday"s they call Evacuation Day her I am back from Registry of Motor Vehicles and insurance agent office. Insurance cancelled. Have fun,be careful. Love you both. Dad