Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My hair is mussed from an olive branch

Buena dia, again. Due to a pleasant hiccup, we have woken up once more in Cadaques. We have some time in the Internet Cafe while we await a fully charged phone and camera, and the opportunity to post a bit fuller of an update.

We spent a relatively sleepless but gorgeous night in an olive orchard just outside of town after having a bit of difficulty finding the trail out. The orchard was ridiculously bucolic, even more so since our time spent inside was during the gloaming and sunrising hours. Such soft gilding lining the branches of trees which may be centuries of years old. The olive trees grow on terraces, and part of why we couldn´t sleep was because we nestled into the incline of one such terrace and were sliding downward throughout the night. But, oh, the stars and the gulls and the sounds of the city far away made it worth it. (In the orchard we were also scared speechless by screaming cats, which didn´t click in our heads immediately that they were cats and nothing more. This little terra-cotta town is teeming with four-pawed calicos and whites and browns and blacks and all kinds of other gorgeous, leen cats and now we know why - they mate all night long in the gardens.)

Yesterday we enjoyed an afternoon at Casa de Dali. It was amazing...for 40 minutes we got to be houseguests in Dali´s intimate quarters, view his studio and stuffed bear, owl, and swans, examine the eggs of all shapes and sizes that sit upon rooftops and mantles, and marvel at the odd genius of the master, all for 8 euros (student price). We took several pictures, but the USB ports at this cafe are filthy so we´ll wait to add pictures until France. You should know, however, that the orchard that we slept in was next door to Dali, literally, so he most-likely tread where we slept. His swans, which he brought to Cadaques as they do not exist in Spain, flew and nested there.

To go back a bit of a ways....
Our journey thus far has been amazing. Our flights went off without a hitch, except for a bit of humorous luggage issues in Barcelona that were righted after some wayfairing in the airport. Isabel and Fernando made us feel like family and gave us bread and olive oil for the road (both of which make you kiss your fingers in contentment). Barcelona showed us nothing but kindness and amazement - such a wonderful city of Gaudi and music and lights and friendliness. The trails have been gorgeous and challenging, our packs have made us sore but stronger, and we are smelling alright, due to marvelous sea breezes and good food. Matt and I are proving to be good travel partners, living with eachother´s various nuances and smoothing out the more extreme sides of our personalities.

Time´s about up and we´re going to check our emails quick. Take care, and we´ll write soon.
PS Due to time and keyboard restraints, I apologize for weird grammar or spelling or punctuation marks.

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